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This project was commissioned for the second floor of the Faculty of Environmental Design, to showcase artwork developed by the students. Located on the corner of the student kitchen, I was asked to design a large scale piece that could be designed, fabricated and installed over the course of a month in preparation for the student orientation in September 2017.

The design was generated through in interest in digital vector fields, which can manipulate points, lines, and solid forms in new ways. Each of the agents used in this design were manuevered to be within a specific tolerence, to allow its' fabrication to be possible. The sweeping design was influenced by the spiralling rings on a goats horn, which continue from the base of the horn throughout. The older rings have a greater spacing between them, which then progresses into closer, finer points as the animal matures.


After the object had been designed in the digital realm, it was then carved using a CNC machine, sanded and cut by hand, and then fastened to the corner.  

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