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Design Lead: Winston Yuen

Project team: Alex Wilton, Anthony Schmidt, Daniel Szymanski, Graham Ouwerkirk, Juan Palacios, Joe Kaplan, Kristen Forward, Kristina Mackenzie.

Featured in Inverse Magazine,:

This installation was a collaborative design/build project between a team of nine students. We were tasked to design a 9'x4' wall installation that would be displayed in the EVDS gallery space for the Summer exposition. The team was given approximately one week to agree upon a design, determine a method of fabrication and to securely fasten it to the gallery space. 

By populating a rectangular perimeter with points, a Delaunay system was created through the use of an image sampler depicting pluto's sunrise. The image was further manipulated through the use of attractor points strategically placed within the pattern to capitalize on the effects created. 

Once the pattern was cut into plywood via CNC, polypropylene sheets were heat treated through the pattern to allow the material to seep through the pattern. The variation in opening within the pattern dictated how much material would be allowed through, and created multitude of surface effects on the resulting installation. The interior was lit with a series of LED lights to add to the effect of the overall pattern.

Project Design:

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