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Emergency Drill

After a flood submerged the lower plains in Calgary, the residents have decided to construct a city along a series of piers. However, while drilling into the pier to pour a new foundation on “Pier B”, this section crumbled to the earth below. The resulting chasm provided an opportunity to construct the tower downwards, reflecting the typical programmatic relationship associated with this building type. With this project, the community builds downwards, reclaiming the material that had been lost.

Emergency Drill was conceived to play on the notion of the programmatic arrangement of units based on their economic background. This project aimed to explore the value of privacy vs. vibrancy, through both it’s spacial arrangement within the unit and the interactions between the occupant and natural light. As the individual descends around the interior ramp system, they are forced to endure different waves of vibrancy of a more communal living.  Therefore those who desire privacy who are the impacted by this the most.

Project Concept

In this bleak dystopic future, entire sections of the city is attempting to  reconstruct the city through immense bridges that span between the most elevated portion of the city. These large slabs are without context, and therefore the project developed from a need to drill through the bridge to recapture the elevated land below. From this emerged an inverse tower, winding down to reclaim the context that had been lost in the devastation.

The Site

The site of this project is located at the edge of "Pier B", and acts as a major hub for transportation, commercial exchange and residence. The oblong form extends out away from the freight train tracks to allow for public gathering, acting as an arena for the general public. As the tower winds further down, the residential units become more lavish, as there is a new social hierarchy in this imagined future. The lower classes are closer to the top of the crumbling bridge, while a new value is placed on the real estate that touches the landscape.

Floor Plans