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Inter lock

This was for a studio project that had originally acted as an exercise in tension modeling paired with an interlocking digital fabrication strategy. It is a project that looked at the district requirements for the site, and developing a commercial, recreation & residential node that would generating a lure for the surrounding community. The requirements for this project is the development of a 20,000 sq.m mixed-use tower.

Located on 10th Avenue near the 8th street intersection, this project is an exploration of form generation through tensile modelling. Once the physical models had been created, the tower was recreated in digital space to be re-designed using a method that could provide more structural integrity. For this a notched, interlocking system was utilized to obtain this support and allow light to penetrate deep into the building's core.

Site Exploration

The above explorations responded to the current physical state of 10th Ave SW, and the experiential implications that were observed as a result. As the width of the street would shift between single line traffic to two lane, the behaviors of both pedestrians and motorists shift to accommodate. The site chosen for the project was at the apex of this transfer, which pinpoints to an ideal empty lot located to the east of 8th Street SW. Therefore, fabrics cut to the programmatic scales and pulled to construct desired connection points between the programs within the site.

Tension Modelling

Digital Modelling

The tension models provides unique interconnection points between the interior networks and create a holistic community environment. Platforms dedicated to residential units are pulled through the interior of the building, acting as a mezzanine that overlooks the recreation spaces. The programmed recreation areas extend the second and third stories of the building before sloping down to the communal market place below.