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Main Floorplan


Iskotew, which means fire in the Blackfoot language bridges together the vast site of Fort Calgary. This site represents the past through its history, the present through the river, and the future through the river. Creating intrigue and interest in indigenous culture allowing it to be proud and on display.

The gathering space is open to the Fort, proclaiming that indigenous culture is still vibrant. Axial views through to various historical and community places connects them to our central gathering place.

The indigenous concept of being open to all and treating everyone equal is central to our building. Iskotew brings all types of people in to start a dialog and allow reconciliation to occur.  It acts to fan the flames of the vibrant culture of indigenous people of Canada and project a sense of celebration back to the city.

1-1000 Site Model

Design Approach

Historical points are mapped out and are used to determine a central fire. From each of these points the massing is divided to allow visibility between these spaces. The design extends out in a radial pattern to a sweat lodge located in the Northeast. 

1-50 Sectional Model

Key Room Interior Plan

The Boardroom was a particularly interesting design challenge as it was is an area for the elders to conduct gatherings and make decisions for the community. At the center of the plan is the meeting room, which is does not have a standard room layout. Instead it is open on both sides, but curved in a way to provide privacy should it be necessary.

Boardroom Render

Site Plan

Eastern Building Approach




Moh Kins Tsis

Indigenous Gathering House

Project team: Alexander Wilton & Dan Silver

1-200 Massing Model