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Light Shells

Primary Investigator: Jason S. Johnson
Research Assistants/ Project Team : Guy Gardner, Christina James, Matthew Parker, Kim Tse, Alex Wilton.
Funding Agencies: SSHRC, Beakerhead

With the Laboratory for Integrative Design, this investigation began as an exercise in determining reliable fabrication techniques to create quick, efficient fastening techniques to produce double curvature. This had involved generating forms that could scale, inflate, twist and warp asymmetrically to produce a multitude of variations from a few simple polygons. 

The original workshop used basic primitives to develop lanterns, creating a user-friendly interface to project cones through the center of the faces and fastened together using a tabbing lock system. 

When I began with this project, the aim was to push the form beyond flat faces, and generate unusual forms that required new techniques to be fabricated. The project took on a new life as we developed a tabbing "weaving strategy" that worked as interlocking "teeth". This method proved to be a faster method, and provided enough strength to stabilize each face in it's unique curvature. 

This allowed for a new range of formal explorations to take place that could be built within the time frame of a community workshop. A user interface was created to allow for those interested in digital fabrication to interact with this project, which was tested during the Taylor X seminar. 

Project Design:

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